We represent multiple companies offering broad forms for home, dwelling fire, condo, and renter's insurance.  Coverage within the insurance industry is not standardized as most companies write various forms and offer different endorsements for addition protection against other perils.  The following link allows you to view side by side comparisons of the forms written in Texas; the Texas Department of Insurance regulates and monitors the insurance forms sold in Texas. http://www.opic.state.tx.us/hoic.php When conducting an insurance review, we utilize this resource to inform our clients as to the differences between the forms we write through our companies verses others in consideration.  Let us help design a policy that protects you against the risks that you are most concerned with.

Flood insurance is excluded from homeowners insurance policies.  Flood insurance rates do not differ from one company to another as the rates are dictated by FEMA.  If in a flood zone, your lender may required that you purchase flood insurance.

In the state of Texas, minimum liability limits of $30,000/$60,000/$25,000 are required with higher limits available.  Let us help design a policy that protects you against the risks that you are most concerned with.  Other coverage available, but limitited to:

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists
Personal Injury/Medical Payments
Rental Reimbursement

Some companies offer different endorsements for additional coverage such as accessory coverage.  Let us help design a policy that properly protects you when out on the open road or parked in your garage.

Whether on the water, docked, or in storage, let us help design a policy that protects you against the risks that you are most concerned with.  Some companies provide broader coverage to include such coverage as personal effects.

We write a broad array of policies including, but not limited to:
General Liability
Professional Liability
Business Property
Multi-Peril Business Owners Policies
Commercial Auto

Most financial experts consider life insurance to be the foundation of a sound financial plan.  Life insurance proceeds can be used in may ways such as final expenses, replacement of income, inheritance, and charitable contributions.  

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We offer short-term health, student select, individual, and group health insurance policies through multiple carriers. 


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